New Release: “Forever Changing” by Kathleen Tudor

Tiana has a crush on her best guy friend from school, and now that they’ve graduated, it’s the perfect chance to come clean. Except that Tiana wasn’t always a girl… and coming out is hard enough without putting her heart on the line. Tiana has a long road ahead of her, and she’s not sure that Neil can handle loving a girl in transition and all that comes with it. On the other hand, could she forgive herself if she didn’t give him the chance to try?

Forever Changing is now available as an ebook for $1.99!

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New Release: “Siren” by Kathleen Tudor

Phaedra is a siren, born of the sea and destined to be the doom of any man who strays too near… but when she finds a sailor washed up on her rocky shore, a woman’s eyes stare back into hers, and Phaedra’s life—and her heart—are changed forever. She must choose: lose her lover, who cannot bear to watch other ships dashed against the cliffs, or lose her sisters and the magic that has been her entire existence.

Siren is now available as an ebook for $1.49!

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New Release: “Tall, Dark and Wriggly” Anthology

What is it about tentacles that capture the imagination like nothing else? From The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife to the eldritch horrors of Lovecraft, what horrifies us often arouses us, too. Whether it’s the taboo, the inherent wrongness, or something that can’t be defined, tentacles capture the imagination, and these stories wrap their slippery appendages around our minds and won’t let go.

Julian has the salt of the sea in his blood, but his father spurns him as weak and the others in the fishing village whisper that he is cursed. He’s willing to do anything to prove himself and to make his life on the water, including A Bargain with a strange man of the sea… a man who has tentacles instead of legs and untold wealth to tempt him.

Niall is a Netrunner also known as the Timberwolf, fierce and cunning in his information raids. But when he’s captured in the real world by tech giant Erik, also known as The Wheelman, Niall is Chained to the Wheel in real space and used for Erik’s pleasure in the Net. And when Erik comes to test him, it will be with the awe-inspiring lower body of an octopus and a mingling of pain and pleasure that Niall no longer wants to escape.

Aaron might be innocent to the ways of the larger universe, but when he escapes his luddite world to make his way on a space station, that innocence becomes a slight asset. His arranged employer, Ilyan, is charmed by his wide-eyed purity and his acceptance of others, no matter how strange. And as their bond grows, Aaron begins to find his Home Among the Stars.

Jonah is a human researcher on an alien world, making his way with the help of his lover, Othosh, but when the two fail to check in for a Deadline or two, they may have to answer to the Earth Corps forces who look at the two mated males and see only a tentacled monster and his kidnapped human hostage.

Tall, Dark and Wriggly is now available as an ebook for $4.99, a softback for $9.99 or bundle them together for only $12.99!

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New Release! “Dare Seize the Fire”

Katie Zielinski is an ordinary girl who obeys her parents, does her homework, and loves her autistic brother, Cassie. But Katie is too afraid to tell anyone about her secret crush on her best friend, Laurinda. Then Katie meets Jyoti, a tiger who’s able to think and talk when he gets close to her, and also fuels amazing magic powers in Katie. The evil warlock Zadornin wants to sacrifice Jyoti in a black magic ritual, and he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way. Katie must think fast to save Jyoti while her ordinary world explodes with magic fireballs, a deadly enemy, and discovering how Laurinda really feels about her. From a chase among ghosts on the Gettysburg battlefield to a confrontation in Philadelphia where mythical creatures join in a vicious battle against Zadornin, Katie must learn to dare seize the fire of who she really is to survive.

Dare Seize the Fire is now available as an ebook for $7.99!

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New Release! “Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders”

Benjamin Pepperwhistle has one overriding desire: to handle the glorious machinery that is a gun. So when he decides to run away to join the circus, it’s only natural that he should seek out the legendary pistoleer, Cole Beauchamp, and beg to be his assistant. Life in the circus has definite ups and downs, but as Benjamin settles in to his role, he finds that some perks are even better than he’d anticipated.

Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders is now available as an ebook for $2.99!

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New Release! “The Copper Horse: Fear” with Blog Tour Info and Links

Discontented with his state of existence and with his own secret and self-destructive attraction to men, Reuben, the son of a baker, is convinced to engage in an act of rebellion against his father. But when his compatriot betrays him, Reuben awakens to shackles, a filthy dungeon, and the knowledge that he is going to be forced to battle captive zombies for the entertainment of the Bylondon underworld.

When he’s claimed, instead, by a powerful and stunning member of Bylondon’s ruling family, Reuben is willing to serve in whatever way ensures that he’ll see another day, even if that means training to become the perfect human horse. Erik is a kind master, and one that Reuben thinks he could grow to love… but the power of his shame and his self-hate rise up inside him, threatening to tear him away from the love—and the lifestyle—that he could never have brought himself to openly desire.

The Copper Horse: Fear is now available for $7.99, a softback for $15.99, or bundled together for $19.99!

Follow along on The Copper Horse: Fear blog tour for book giveaways and insight from authors K.A. Merikan on combining their alternate history Victorian setting with a lot of pony play action!

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Mar. 12th — Joyfully Jay — Welcome to the New World (of Zombies)

Mar. 13th — The Novel Approach — Reuben, The Poor Baker Who Became A Stallion

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New Release! “Sweethearts and Seduction” Anthology

Who doesn’t love love? From a shyly romantic first date to the settled delight between two long-time partners, these are stories of men falling head over heels in love and riding off into the sunset. What happens between first kisses and strolls off into the sunset? These authors are happy to show us!

Ever since Troy inherited the family roller skating rink, he’s been struggling to keep it successful, both for his own sake and in memory of his parents. But on the eve of a loan that will allow him to revitalize the aging rink, his relationship with his boyfriend, Zane, is struggling. It’s time for him to prove to Zane once and for all that he’s The Best Thing on Eight Wheels, and their relationship comes first. Then, Ish, an archaeologist, and Kabal, a cop, live in different times and on different worlds, but a couple of times a year they can steal some small measure of time together, and their love only continues to grow despite the long silences. So it’s with eager joy Ish journeys to meet his lover for A Time Traveler’s Valentine, at least until Kabal announces that the nature of their relationship is about to change, forever. Nolan isn’t expecting more than a normal date, so when his boyfriend, Sean, goes all out with an open bar and mysterious plans, he’s intrigued. Turns out it’s Tattoo Day—the anniversary of Sean’s tattoo in honor of their relationship—and Sean has big plans to make the day forever memorable.

Jeremy and Bobby have a relationship that is stressed to the max. Working opposite schedules, the two barely have a chance to kiss hello and goodbye as they drop off to sleep or rush out to work. When their days off finally sync up, the two long-time lovers will spend Nights Burned up in Flame as they reignite their romance and rediscover each others’ hot spots. Thomas has the hots for fellow dog owner, Anton, but he’s Dogged by insecurity, and outing himself to acknowledge his feelings seems like too big a risk. At least until Anton invites him out for coffee, where their bond has a chance to grow. As their dogs Biscuit and Muffin play, Thomas is ready to put himself on the line in the hopes that his friendship with Anton could be so much more. Finally, Phillip, CEO of the company BookTrader, may be openly gay, but he’s also not above donating himself to a bachelor auction in the name of a good cause. But when he puts himself on the auction block, the person who seizes the moment is the last one Phillip expects. When the gavel drops, Phillip is Sold! in more ways than one.

Sweethearts and Seduction is now available as an ebook for $3.99!

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